Introducing Farkit, the cost-saving, portable solution for farmers. With its modular design, Farkit eliminates the need for multiple expensive IoT devices. When collapsed, it conveniently fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to carry and deploy. Empower your farming operations with Farkit’s compact and efficient capabilities.

Farkit is a versatile, portable, and solar-powered agricultural sensor device that collects soil data, wirelessly transmits it for analysis, and provides valuable insights to optimize farming practices.

Problem Statement

Smallholder farmers face several challenges in optimizing their farming practices and improving crop yields. These challenges include limited access to affordable agricultural technologies, inadequate access to real-time and accurate data on soil conditions, inefficient resource management, and a lack of technical expertise in implementing precision farming techniques. Additionally, the high cost of owning and maintaining multiple IoT devices for data collection and analysis poses a financial burden on farmers. These factors hinder smallholder farmers’ ability to make informed decisions, maximize productivity, and improve their livelihoods.

Problems Farkit Solves for Farmers:

1. Cost of Multiple Devices
2. Data Collection and Analysis
3. Limited Access to Electricity
4. Lack of Technical Expertise
5. Precision Farming
6. Pest Control

Awesome Features you'd love

1. Sleek and Compact Design: Farkit features a sleek and compact design, making it easy to handle and deploy in agricultural environments.

2. Sturdy Outer Casing: The device is built with a sturdy outer casing to withstand the demands of agricultural conditions, ensuring durability and longevity.

3. Sensor-Equipped Alloy Leg: Farkit has a 6ft alloy leg that can be pegged into the soil, allowing for accurate soil data collection and monitoring.

4. Solar-Powered: Farkit is powered by solar energy, utilizing renewable energy sources and reducing the reliance on grid electricity.

5. Multi-Purpose Functionality: The device serves multiple purposes, including soil data collection, weather monitoring, early disease detection using NVDI capabilities, and soil carbon detection.

6. Wireless Data Transmission: Farkit wirelessly transmits the collected data to a cloud server, enabling real-time access to information and analysis.

7. Connectivity Options: The device supports connectivity via WiFi, GSM, and Satellite, ensuring reliable data transmission even in remote areas.

8. Manual Data Collection: Farkit provides a provision for manual data collection using a microSD card, allowing flexibility in data retrieval.

9. GPS and Compass Integration: Built-in GPS and compass help validate and authenticate farm locations, ensuring accurate data collection and analysis.

10. Integration with Sprayers: Farkit can be integrated with sprayers, enabling irrigation or application of herbicides based on soil moisture content.

11. Insect and Rodent Repellent: Farkit emits a frequency sound that repels insects and rodents, providing a natural and wide-range pest control solution.

12. Modular Functionality: Farkit offers a modular design, allowing for detachable bases for different functionalities such as soil testing (pH levels, moisture content) for irrigation advisory.

13. Rechargeable Battery: The device is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be powered by solar energy, ensuring continuous operation for extended periods.

14. Portable: Farkit is designed to be portable, making it easy to carry and deploy in various locations on the farm.

15. Remote Sensing Capabilities: Farkit’s remote sensing capabilities enable data synchronization with cloud servers, facilitating remote monitoring and analysis.

16. Data Analysis and Insights: Advanced computational models help make sense of the collected data, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making on the farm.